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Hello Again

It’s been almost exactly a year since my last Tweedle Hopper Crypto Review newsletter.  I had said that I was focusing on my business, CryptoLions.  I did, and I still am.

We are “block producers” for a crypto currency named EOS.  EOS, like Ethereum before it, is not just a crypto currency, but a platform on which decentralized applications can be built – kind of like an operating system.

The journey continues to be great.  We continue to build cool projects, think about interesting problems, and see new exciting opportunities unfolding before us . . . like an enterprised-focused EOS sister-chain called Europe Chain! . . . but that’s for another email.

June Announcement

Dan Larimer, the genius behind EOS (and BitShares, and SteemIt) has always been an idealistic libertarian.  After the EOS ICO, he’s an idealistic libertarian with a few Billion dollars. By all indications their announcement coming June 1st is going to enormous.  Announcement website:

It will likely consist of two or three things:

1) Their social network, MEOS, will position itself as a decentralized alternative to Facebook AND Twitter. Instead of collecting money as a business, MEOS will pay its users for their activity.  This is more-or-less the business model Dan proved with SteemIt.

MEOS will allow you to import your old posts, comments, and photos from any social media platform which allows export of old data.  (All the big ones do.)

Underpinning MEOS will be some sort of true-identity technology which Dan has been hinting about.  Getting a lot of people onto MEOS with their true identities will create a lot of possibilities for more ambitious projected, especially ones which take over some tradition roles of government.

2) They are doing something with the government – probably related to government transparency and accountability, and possibly related to the 2020 election.  The identity platform underpinning MEOS can easily work for election integrity.

This speculation from Everything EOS does a good job of putting together the clues which Dan and Block One have been dropping.



They include:

– Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, has former business ties to important people in the EOS ecosystem.
– The announcement will happen in Washington DC.
– The CEO of, the company behind EOS, has said that “everybody in Washington wants to talk to us.”
– has job positions open for “northern Virginia.”

3) Of the three, this is the only long shot.  The previous two points are probably true.  This last one is speculative:

Dan Larimer will run for President.

He has been increasingly chatting about political ideas. He takes an Austro-Libertarian / Rothbardian non-violence approach, and has speculated about how his entry into the election would effect results.  See below:





















I encourage those of you who have the bandwidth to be an early adopter of MEOS, tune in to the June 1 announcement, and, as I have before, learn how to use EOS specifically and Crypto in general.

I hope you’re all well.

kind regards,


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