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The Crypt-pocalypse

My impressions remains the same:

Yes, there will be panics, rallies, profit taking, emotion, etc. but in the long run, Bitcoin will follow a technology adoption curve, not an asset bubble curve. In the next three years, the number of crypto currency users will soar from 30 million to a billion.

New investors are flooding into crypto-currencies.  I suspect a majority of them look at crypto as an asset, not as a new technology.  Thus they are sensitive to price fluctuations and panics.

History of Bitcoin Crashes

June 2011 – 68% crash
Jan 2012 – 36% crash
Aug 2012 – 51% crash
March 2013 – 33% crash
April 2013 – 61% crash
Dec 2014 – 50% crash
April 2014 – 35% crash
March 2015 – 30% crash
Jan 2017 – 30% crash

For us old timers, yesterday’s drama is nothing new:

It’s a buying opportunity.  Perennial crytpo skeptic Jim Rickards disagrees:


Here’s what I think will happen, please pardon the profanity:




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