How does one look for crypto opportunities?

Go to   a for a list of crypto currencies, including tokens, ranked by market caps.  (There are over a thousand.)

Reminder: tokens are digital currencies that sit on top of other crypto currencies.  The first and most famous such platform is Ethereum.

Coinmarketcap offers a price chart for each coin which includes volume.

From there, visit the website of an individual coin.  Read the white paper.  Maybe look for Youtube interviews with the founders.

Next, look to communities for latest news.  I personally use two.  For most coins, you can go to<nameofcoin>.  And then there’s the good old  Most coins have an announcement thread followed by pages and pages of forum discussions and updates.

Lastly, if you really want to get into it, many coins have some chat — often on the Telegram or Slack.  You can sometimes speak directly with key people there.