Some Good Sources to Research Crypto Currencies

All my acquaintances consider me an expert, but I feel like an newbie. This emerging industry is very deep, very complex, and very active.  There’s so much to still learn.

The emerging industry includes niches for hyping new investments, and I’ve found a handful of good resources among the deluge of poor ones.

Crypto Gurus are by far the best. Check out their quick overview of the top 50 crypto currencies from December.

Their youtube channel is solid — technical, skeptical and level headed.

I also like David Hay’s youtube channel. Here he seems to second my doubts about Verge which I described in newsletter #7.

And, I like the Box Mining youtube channel. He produces a lot of content always summarizing important news and development.

On Twitter, I like Charlie Lee of LiteCoin, the Merkle, @themerklenews, and representatives of all the projects that interest me, including Charles Hoskinson of Cardano, @IOHK_Charles.

There are groups on Slack, Telegram, and Reddit which track specific projects too.

Lastly, I like the Youtube channel In it for the money, though he does a little too much hype for my taste. Here he seems to offer pretty simple and reasonable guidelines for evaluating crypto currencies. And I watch DataDash, though he does a lot of technical analysis which to me seems like pseudo science.