TAAS payout

I’ve been keeping my eye on investment fund projects.  Swiss based Melons, and Czech based Iconomi, are the leading projects which are trying to be platforms for cryptographically binding investment funds.  I think AdShares can already do this too, but I’m not sure.

The TAAS project, by contrast, is itself a digital investment fund.  They recently announced that their third payout to investors will happen in the beginning of February.  All Ethereum addresses which hold TAAS tokens will receive a payout in Ethereum.  One TAAS token currently costs about $8, and there about eight million of them.

Built on a profit-sharing model, TaaS Fund provides its token-holders with 50% of the quarterly capital gains. The first fully-operational quarter payouts of 0.28 USD(T) per 1 TaaS token were distributed on August 7th, and the second fully-operational quarter payouts of 0.33 USD(T) per 1 TaaS token were distributed on November 4th, 2017. We are now approaching the date of TaaS Fund’s third fully-operational quarter payouts.

I’ll be very curious to see how these payouts look.  It’s NOT cryptographically secure and I don’t know whether it’s auditable either.  However much they decide to send to each holder of TAAS tokens will indicate their claim to how well their investment did.  Since the period covered the huge December bull run, I’d expect it be greater than previous pay outs.