Watching EOS and Cardano

  • Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson continued his media blitz giving this interview in which he reiterates their studied scientific approach to the project. He expects that in the second half of 2018 Cardano’s coin, “ADA,” will become objectively better than bitcoin, and by the end of the year, their smart contract platform will be objectively better than Ethereum.
  • The first release of Cardano’s wallet seems to have disappointed. Some people suggest this caused the recent price dip.
  • EOS’s Dan Larimer gave this awesome interview with one my favorite crypto analysis, Ivan the Tech. I watched it live. As is characteristic of Dan, he was pretty negative about everything from Bitcoin to Ethereum to Iota, and even about his previous projects, BitShares and SteemIt — both of which are awesome in my opinion, and both of which now run as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. I think it’s his perfectionism. BitShares, a decentralized exchange and lending platform, and SteemIt, a social network, are by far the most functional, sophisticated non-crypto-currency crypto-projects operating in the real world. Perhaps most interestingly, he was asked about Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson who was briefly CEO of BitShares. Dan mysteriously said he was asked to step down for “moral reasons” but wouldn’t elaborate. He also said that he loves Nikola Tesla’s work and wants to do more research about electricity — studying the anomalies that everyone who has ever worked with electricity has seen, instead of ignoring them as anomalies.
  • “Rational Ignorance”.  Both Charles and Dan are deep into game theory, which is obviously a huge thing when building decentralized system.  I thought it was interesting that in the interviews above, each of them discusses “rational ignorance” of users — ie. when the cost of learning something is unlikely to be proportional to the reward.